Herbal Body Oil Recipe

Herbal Body Oil Recipe

Hi, herb friends!

As we move into late autumn/early winter, the weather gets colder and our skin gets drier from the lack of warmth and moisture in the air.

That's why we wanted to share this special Herbal Body Oil Recipe for deeply nourishing the skin and (avoiding scratchy elbows in sweaters!)

 Like our Founder, Laura Ash, says in her workshops,

"Caring for the skin, is caring for the entire body."

Herbal Body Oil


We're here to help you care for your body, mind, and spirit all winter longso make sure to sign up for the newsletter. Be on the lookout for more accessible tips for nourishing yourself through this season.

BTW, we promise not to make you hygge* if you don't want to 😉

With care,

The Verse Team

 * Hygge [pronounced hyoo-gah] is a Danish and Norwegian lifestyle practice of slowing with the season and embracing all things comfort + cozy as a way to make it through the harshness of winter.

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