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Everyone has an ancestor who practiced herbal medicine for the health of their family or community.

Herbal Medicine is the use of plants for healing, which may include food, teas, tinctures (plant extracts), essential oils, body care, and supplements. Different communities all over the globe have their own language to explain how herbal medicine aids in healing the body to guide it back to balance.

Verse Herbal Medicine School uses evidence-based knowledge to back up the historical use of plant healing. Herbal medicine has empirical evidence for increased healing in integrative therapies, and is prolific at helping people increase their quality of life.

There is no doubt that herbal medicine is booming in modern culture through functional foods, teas, clean beauty, nevertheless... there is still so much work to be done in order for people to have experiences with herbal remedies that can have a positive impact on their health.

Verse is determined to be a bridge for those that have not imagined themselves in healing spaces by unveiling data-driven education, urban flair, and inclusive, diverse teachers.

We're honored to be going into the 5th year of our herbal medicine programs. That's (over) five years of learning exactly what students need to succeed in the world of online herbal education.

Only the best teachers.

We're honored to have a unique mix of long-time practitioners and emerging voices as our trusted teachers.

All online. All levels welcome. Explore our online programs below.

Enrollment now open for all 2025 Herbalism Certifications!

Apprentice Herbalist Certification - Verse


For plant curious beginners interested in supporting their community with common kitchen spices and herbal medicine.

The Community Herbalist Year is the start to learning how to turn spice rack ingredients, neighborhood weeds, and commonly found market herbs into potent herbal medicines.

This 100-hour live online program focuses on understanding and supporting common ailments, personal ancestry, and how herbalism can seamlessly empower your daily life.

Through monthly medicine making classes in your home kitchen laboratory you gain confidence in basic preparations to apply herbs with clarity. In community cohorts supervised by clinical herbalists.

You are supported to complete homework assignments including 20 herbal monographs, stay engaged with the fellow classmates, and practice of folk herbalism outside of your 100+ educational hours.

With an emphasis on your personal ancestry, you will dive into a self study of herbal medicines of your lineage and learn to make one traditional herbal preparation. This course is truly for every human seeking to uplift the health and wellness of friends, family and self.

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Apprentice Herbalist Certification - Verse


For herbalists-in-training ready to dive deeper into pathophysiology, cross-cultural approaches, and diagnostics.

The Apprentice Herbalist Year is the foundation of your clinical practice and a comprehensive base for a clinically minded approach to herbal medicine.

This 200-hour live online program focuses on basic anatomy and physiology, energetics, aromatherapy, intermediate medicine making, plants spirit medicine practices and a cross cultural look at medicine systems that comprise North American Medicine.

The course is experiential with monthly plant meditations and medicine making class in your home kitchen laboratory, allowing you to develop your direct sensory relationship to herbal medicine.

With extensive readings and projects throughout the year, you will engage with supervised clinical herbalists to complete 40 herbal monographs, 1 client session, and self-care medicine making - all presented in a closing weekend with your peers.

You will leave as an Apprentice Herbalist skilled in holistically identifying common pathologies from a cross cultural perspective, building basic herbal medicine formulas, basic understanding of body systems,  intermediate medicine making, and plant spirit techniques.

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Apprentice Herbalist Certification - Verse


For intermediate herbalists who want to be in 1:1 clinical practice with clients and develop their herbal business.

The Clinical Herbalist Year is the pathway into clinical practice by learning how to sit in a session and utilize your diagnostic skill sets to custom blend herbal medicine formulas.

This 200-hour live online program empowers your foundational understanding of herbalism with diagnostic skills, a rigorous investigation of pathology, body systems, advanced medicine making, and constitutional theory.

With extensive case study research and advanced herbal formulations, you will engage with clinical herbalists to support you in the practice of clinical herbalism. You'll complete 40 herbal monographs, bi-weekly case studies, and client sessions all while to staying engaged with the fellow classmates.

We prepare our students with business classes for you to depart into the entrepreneurial wellness world with clarity.

You will leave as a Clinical Herbalist with the grounded confidence to embark into professional practice because you're ready to sit in a session with clients, utilize tongue and facial diagnosis, and build custom formulas with precision and confidence.

Explore the Clinical Year
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This immersive online program empowers you to learn about:

○ your personal relationship to ancient herbs
○ Eastern energetics & theories
○ modern Asian American wellness practices 

This course is crafted for herbalists, holistic practitioners, and anyone who wants to dive deep into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - one of the oldest wellness systems in the world. This is also a great program for Western Herbalists who want to learn and integrate Eastern Energetic theories and practices.

Specific ailments addressed throughout the program: Energy/Digestion, Stress/Menstruation, Cold/Flu, Anxiety/Depression, Sleep/Longevity

Is the Verse School of Herbal Medicine right for me?

One School. Four Years. From curiosity to mentorship.

Have you noticed a constant curiosity about medicinal herbs? Or perhaps a calling to sit with your community and support them as they recover from illness?

Whether you are curious, passionate, or ready for a change of career into the world of herbal medicine, Verse's Herbalist Certification programs can guide you into becoming a:

○ Community Herbalist (Year 1)
○ Apprentice Herbalist (Year 2)
○ Clinical Herbalist (Year 3)

Each of these herbalist certifications is a stepping stone to becoming a practitioner of herbal medicine. Often, we witness students finishing their 100-hour Community Herbalist Certification and feel satisfied with their wisdom gained to support themselves and their immediate family. But most of the time, students are eager to dive into the Apprentice and Clinical Herbalist years of deep study, fulfilling their newfound (or long established) dreams of becoming a clinical herbalist with a private practice, a product line, or shifting a career into the herbal medicine industry.

An herbalist certification is a powerful tool to enhance your quality of life, your current healing arts practice, give meaning and purpose to your passion, while you're gaining knowledge and experience to be a healing resource for all of your community.

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Student Testimonials

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

"The program is all live and online, which means that 

you're there in real time with the teachers and the other students. "

- Clinical Herbalist, 2022

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

"I loved all of the items in the box of herbal supplies!

They were invaluable allies throughout the year. "

- Community Herbalist, 2022

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

"The school is probably the most organized school I have ever been to!

The team orchestrated everything so well"

- Clinical Herbalist, 2022

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

“I really appreciate the blend of science & spiritual contexts

it’s truly helping me deepen my knowledge in a big way!"

- Community Herbalist, 2022

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

"Because it’s “live”

I feel like I’m able to ask questions as I would in a classroom setting."

- Apprentice Herbalist, 2022

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

"I absolutely loved the box and felt like a little kid when opening it.

This was one of my favorite parts of the course. It felt like Christmas."

- Clinical Herbalist, 2022

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

"This course started a metamorphosis in who I was, who I am, and who I want to be.

I have gone through I lot of life changes since this course began!"

- Apprentice Herbalist, 2022

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

"The outcome of the course was a  

deeper soul connection to plants, knowledge about herbalism and my ancestry."

- Apprentice Herbalist, 2022

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

"I'm so grateful I gave myself this gift.

It's the official start of what will be a lifelong practice."

- Community Herbalist, 2022

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

"I absolutely LOVED my cohort It really became a safe space of vulnerability and support and it gave us

a chance to truly connect with our classmates"

- Community Herbalist, 2022

Verse Herbal Medicine School- testimonials

"I was not sure what I expected from the course at the beginning but 

after only a few classes my life was changed."

- Apprentice Herbalist, 2022

Want to experience a class before enrolling in the program?

Check out these on-demand  herbalism workshops.

Proud Member of the
American Herbalist Guild

This means our certification hours are eligible to be applied towards the American Herbalist Guild for Associate Herbalist and Registered Herbalists memberships.

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Perks of Learning with Verse

Verse Herbal Medicine School- 100 hours


Each class is available as a video replay to rewatch as many times as you'd like. So, when you register for a Verse class, you never have to worry about missing a moment of learning.

Verse Herbal Medicine School- 12 teachers


Exclusive classes and workshops created by Registered Herbalists, Holistic Practitioners, Professional Healers, Lineage Holders, and Sacred Space Holders.

Verse Herbal Medicine School- 9 months


We understand life happens and you might need some time to get through our rich learning content. That's why you have 12 months access to class materials to review at your leisure.

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