Step into the world of Asian American Herbalism.

Bridging ancient theories 
& modern practices.

taught by Erin Masako Wilkins
starts Thurs, Sept. 12

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Our Online Course

Asian American Herbalism & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

This 6 week online program empowers you to learn about:

○ your personal relationship to ancient herbs
○ Eastern energetics & theories
○ modern Asian American wellness practices 

This course is crafted for herbalists, holistic health practitioners, and folks who want to dive deep into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - one of the oldest health and wellness lineages in the world. It's also a great program for Western Herbalists seeking to understand more about Eastern energetics.

Specific ailments addressed throughout the program: Energy/Digestion, Stress/Menstruation, Cold/Flu, Anxiety/Depression, Sleep/Longevity

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Students love that our classes are live and online because that means it's more interactive! Class is also recorded so you never have to worry about missing a moment of learning.

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This program is a great chance to learn directly with one of your favorite expert teachers from our Herbalism Certifications in a smaller group program setting.

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Live classes meet on Thursday evenings from 5:30-7:30PM PT starting Sept 12th through Oct 17th. Video Replays available 72hrs after class for those unable to attend live.

Get to Know the Teacher


Erin Masako Wilkins

Herbalist, Author, & Founder of Herb Folk

Erin Masako Wilkins is an Asian American herbalist, acupuncturist, and author who has treated patients for years and taught workshops for those seeking more information about herbal healing.

Her book, “Asian American Herbalism: Traditional and Modern Healing Practices for Everyday Wellness,” is at the intersection of North American folk herbalism and traditional Chinese medicine.

Remarkably, Erin is one of the first AAPI authors on this subject for a general audience and approaches this work from a deeply personal place.

She received her master’s in East Asian Medicine from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, CA. She founded and ran Herb Folk, an herb shop and community clinic in California, until 2022. She now runs the online Herb Folk Shop, where people can purchase teas, herbal remedies, and wellness products.

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Restore health and prevent illness on your own terms with these ancient healing arts.

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What will I learn?

This 6-week live online program walks you through the rich history and healing to be found in Eastern Medicine including Asian American Herbalism & Traditional Chinese Medicine.

From Yin/Yang to Qi/Jing, this course is comprehensive foundation for Eastern Energetics, TCM Theory, and Zang-Fu Organ system. You'll never think about herbs, organs, or body systems the same after getting this larger holistic perspective of how energy interplays with the human body.

Under the guidance of Erin's expert eye, extensive training, and ancestral lineage, you'll personalize this knowledge with culturally relevant herbs and foods that can be incorporated into your daily life for mental and physical wellness.

Each week's module includes a combination of qigong, yoga, journaling, quizzes, and homework for personalizing the medicine, and integrating through self-reflection.

Topics include:

    • History of Chinese Medicine & Asian American Herbalism
    • Overview of TCM Healing Practices (Acupuncture, Qigong, etc.) 
    • Top 20 TCM Herbs and Foods
    • Energetics of Herbs: Actions, Tastes, Temperatures 
    • Energetic Healing: Qi/Blood + Yin/Yang
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory
    • The 5 Vital Substances: Qi, Blood, Shen, Body Fluids, Jing
    • Zang-Fu Organs: Spleen, Liver, Heart, Lung, Kidney
    • Energetics of Illness: Emotions & Pathogens
    • Diagnosis: The 8 Principles, Tongue, & Zang-Fu Organs

Product Included

for the first 10 signups!

  •  3 Herb Folk Tea Blends
  •  Shipped straight to your door
  • Embodied online learning 
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What is the cost of this program?


plus 1 free signed copy of 

Erin's best-selling book

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"An absolute new favorite in my herbal library with countless tips for wellbeing, this book is meant to be used."

- Rosemary Gladstar

This program is a live real-time small group teaching through Erin's book chapter by chapter and recipe by recipe in the comfort of your home.

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What our students have to say:


"Erin is a Traditional Chinese Medicine dream.

She is an obvious student of science and has used her years of training to birth an entire study: Asian-American Herbalism."

- Clinical Herbalist, 2024


"As a teacher, Erin breaks down some of the most complex concepts

 I've learned as a student at Verse into practical knowledge that I've since applied to my own work. 

- Clinical Herbalist, 2024

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“My experience has been truly immersive during class time and

because it’s “live” I feel like I’m able to ask questions or comment as I would in a classroom setting.”

- Community Herbalist, 2022


"Erin is culturally sound, welcoming, and doesn't hesitate to do deep dives with students to help them learn and grow.

Her commitment to knowledge and supporting young herbalists is unmatched. I would highly recommend this course!

- Clinical Herbalist, 2024


"I was really surprised by how much of a community you have managed to foster within the online learning space...

It was something I hadn't expected at all but have loved and benefited from so much."

- Apprentice Herbalist, 2023

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“I love learning from Erin—

she breaks down complex TCM theories so that you are able to understand the first layer while also shedding light on the complexities that are below."

- Clinical Herbalist, 2024


"Taking a class from Erin has sparked an interest in TCM

that will continue to shape my clinical practice as I continue on my herbal journey."

- Clinical Herbalist, 2024

Class Dates & Topics

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September 12
History of Chinese Medicine & Asian Herbalism Basics

September 19
TCM Theory: Eastern Energetics & Zang-Fu Organ Theory

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September 26
8 Principles of Diagnosis,
Energetics of Illness, & Liver

October 3
Energetic Healing 1: From
Qi & Blood to Heart & Lungs

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October 10
Energetic Healing 2: From
Yin & Yang to Sleep & Longevity

October 17
Putting it All Together: Final Projects & Case Studies

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Honoring one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world by learning the modern application of TCM purpose, theory, and practices.

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