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Get to Know Our Clinical Graduates

We're proud to highlight the amazing clinical herbalists who have received training at our School of Herbal Medicine and are working to make a difference in the health of their communities. If you're seeking a trusted herbalist to support your health, we recommed these talented herbal professionals.

Bernadette Aguirre, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduate

Bernadette Aguirre

INA Botanicals & Tea

As a lifelong city-dweller, Bernadette grew up eating herbs and vegetables growing in a modest garden that was mainly tended by my mother. Both of her parents were raised on farms in the Philippines, amidst hovering mango trees, moringa bushes, and in between the moist air of the rice paddies.

It's no wonder that plants' nourishing powers have always found a home in her medicine cabinet or boiling on my stove. As an herbal practitioner, her approach is to picture a bird's eye view of her client's external environment and gently hone in on how they may be feeling from the inside, out.

Tessa Kappe, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduate

Tessa Kappe

Holistic Health Consults

Tessa Kappe (she/her) is a clinical and community herbalist based on unceded Ohlone land in San Francisco, California.

She offers convenient, remote, sliding scale holistic health consultations for adults, teens and kids, using the compassionate approach she honed working towards social and ecological healing as an educator of 10+ years with city youth. A certified California Naturalist, folk botanist and permaculture trained gardener, Tessa teaches botany at Verse and leads educational herb walks.

Inspired by the wisdom and beauty of nature, and committed to client-centered care, she supports clients in accessing empowered, gentle healing to restore innate wellness.

Eastyn Cianto, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduate

Eastyn Cianto

Earth Angel Medicine

You are an earth angel, you are your own greatest healer & guardian.

Individual healing is a ripple in the ocean of collective wellness: may we deepen our understanding of ourselves, spread light in our communities, and live in symbiosis with the earth.

Empowerment is the focus of my clinical practice. Together we create a sustainable wellness guide, integrating practices I’ve learned in my years working through chronic illness.

My areas of focus are digestion, skin health, chronic illness, and the nervous system.

Christine Mineart, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduate

Christine Mineart

Malia Wellness

Christine was led to herbalism by amenorrhea and somatic disconnection.

Her practice is informed by science and intuition to discover intimacy with wellness.

Nikki Patton, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduates

Nikki Patton

Soft Wellness Co.

Hello! My name is Nikki Patton, Clinical Herbalist and Founder of Soft Wellness Co., a holistic herbal medicine practice and lifestyle brand.

I provide herbal consultations and custom formulations for clients to help them feel more balanced and in flow with their full selves; using the power of herbs to create a sense of softness in the mind and body.

The core areas of support in my practice are stress and nervous-system regulation, holistic acne management, and reproductive system support. Join me on the plant path in the pursuit of soft living!

Lauren Pliskin, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduates

Lauren Pliskin

Slow Mornings

Slow Mornings is all about daily rituals for holistic wellness. I empower clients to take their health into their own hands and build trust in their body’s innate ability to heal.

I specialize in digestion, hormone balance, anxiety, and acne, with an emphasis on the foundations: nourishment, movement, sleep, and connection.

Lia Aspen, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduates

Lia Aspen

The Way Out There

Hi! I’m Lia. I work with outdoor enthusiasts who want to achieve the ultimate flow: presence, awareness, and deep connection to nature.

To reduce barriers to flow and support in rebuilding relationships with our bodies, I provide plant medicine, nourishment, and lifestyle shifts to expand your mental capacity for joy and presence, decrease pain, recover from injuries, and support your overall physical well-being.

Specialties include: Stress + Anxiety Management, Sleep Optimization, Pain + Injury Management, Sexual Health, and Digestive Health.

Anna Danielson, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduate

Anna Danielson

Clinical Herbalist

I aim to support and empower you to address the root cause of your concerns, restore balance, and promote vitality so you can live life with the utmost radiance and joy.

With a knack for problem-solving and blending traditional practices with modern science, I offer creative and practical solutions that nurture both body and mind

Pulling from experience and rigorous research, I will craft plans that suit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Offering support for concerns like anxiety, fatigue, digestive or respiratory complaints, hormone imbalances, menstrual irregularities, autoimmunity, and much more.

Phil Deem, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduates

Phil Deem

Spirit Tree Apothecary

Clinical Herbalist with the rainbow hair, creating natural remedies for the modern world.

From Tech to plants, I am the herbalist offering my services to help promote healing and a healthier life in tech.

From taming stress and anxiety to conquering tech-induced aches and pains, I offer herbal solutions and a genuine desire to see you thrive.

As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I understand the unique challenges we face in today’s world. My practice offers a safe space and a listening ear.

Laura Plourde, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduates

Laura Plourde

Dandelion Songs

My goal is to help my clients find radiant vitality through nutrition, lifestyle and herbal support.

I believe that there is infinite healing wisdom in nature and our bodies and by tuning into our whole selves, we are able to re-claim our vibrance, resilience and wellbeing.

Danielle Caster, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduate

Danielle Caster

Clinical Herbalist

In my clinical practice I take pride in providing my clients with the tools they need to achieve their goals. Taking a holistic approach, I work one on one with my clients to look at all areas of their lives getting to the root cause of their concerns.

I understand that each client has a unique constitution and story that makes them who they are, and take this into consideration when formulating a custom protocol for each of my clients.

Dorinda Burton, My Plant Family LLC, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduate

Dorinda Burton

My Plant Family LLC

I am an herbalist working to provide alternative health options and resources to enable my clients to become active participants when working towards their health and wellness goals. I look forward to working with you to create customized products and solutions.

Amanda Morley, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduates

Amanda Morley

Clinical Herbalist

Hello! I am a newly-graduated clinical herbalist and practicing RN. My focus is on the foundational components of health: sleep, digestion, stress management and increasing joy.

My goal is to make you feel cared for and seen and to help guide you to feel better in your body and mind. No matter where you are in your journey toward better health, I have tools to offer you to move you closer to your goals.

Norah Emily, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduates

Norah Emily

Arcadia Gardens

I’m an artist and maker living in algiers point, new orleans, on houma + chitimacha land. I adore the green world and have found so much healing among the plants, and hope to help you find ways to belong in your body and where you live.

My education in psychology and my creative practice — gardening, photography, astrology, textiles, dance — inform my sensory, emotive approach to herbal healing.

My intent is that an herbal consult with me will feel casual and easeful, yet deeply considered and attentive to your situation and your spirit.

Cori Coccia, My Plant Family LLC, Land of Verse School of Herbal Medicine, Clinical Graduate

Cori Coccia

Clinical Herbalist

I am an adventurer, astrologer and herbalist. In my herbal practice, I assist people in mapping out pathways to healing and self-transformation with support of plants.

I specialize in working with the following: Musculoskeletal Conditions or Injuries, Nervous System Regulation, Chronic Tension or Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, General Wellness, Surgery Recovery, and Trauma.

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