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Herbal Research

If you're a clinical herbalist, you know how hard it is to find clinical herbal research crafted by herbalists.

We're committed to changing this.


Citizen Research

Citizen research puts the power and access to clinical data back into herbalist's hands.

We're partnering with People Science to make that happen.

Chloe App

Clinical Herbalists & Chloe - Participatory Research

Students in our 3rd Year Clinical Herbalist Program get to take part in a custom Herbal Project using People Science's Chloe App to self-report their experience with a single herb.

Students journey deep with a medicinal plant by tracking their responses to learn more about the lived, clinical impact of herbs outside of theories and textbooks.

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Herb Pharm Skullcap Glycerite

2023 Skullcap Clinical Project

Skullcap is a perennial in the mint family traditionally used for stress, nervousness, insomnia, and headaches.

According to the American Botanical Council, while Western herbalists remain convinced that Skullcap is an effective sedative, antispasmodic, and nervine tonic, very little scientific research has been done...

...with a bottle of Herb Pharm Skullcap and exclusive access to the People Science Chloe app - we're changing that.

Learn more about the Study & Results

For 2 weeks, Clinical Herbalists

self reported their experience taking skullcap glycerine.

Using People Science's Chloe App, they tracked their responses to skullcap, specifically monitoring their anxiety and stress levels.

What did we learn?

80% reduction in clinical metric of anxiety (GAD-7)

reported by skullcap users

With results like theses, it's hard to deny the efficaciousness of herbal medicine.

+ 7% reported reductions in perceived stress

Read the full Skullcap Study Data
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Let's change the course of herbal medicine research together.

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We're committed to using technology for...

  • the expression of ancestral knowledge.
  • reviving (cultural) interdependence.
  • marrying plant spirit and plant science. 
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