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Balancing Winter Energetics

What are Energetics? A compilation of elements. Energetics refer to the elemental presentation of a season, a human body, a plant, and places on earth. Energetics are used to describe plants and d...
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Top 5 Adaptogens for Burnout

Top 5 Adaptogens for Burnout *Adaptogens are plants that reduce stress load in the body Ā  BURNOUT IS AN EPIDEMIC.Ā PLANTS ARE ONE REMEDY.Ā  Here are the herbs we suggest toĀ combat stress and chroni...
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Herbal Body Oil Recipe

Hi, herb friends! As we move intoĀ late autumn/early winter,Ā the weather getsĀ colderĀ and ourĀ skinĀ gets drier from the lack ofĀ warmth and moistureĀ in the air. That's why we wanted to share thisĀ spec...
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