The Verse Edit - May Edition

The Verse Edit - May Edition

Since shuttering Scarlet Sage, I have become deeply aware of my intimate experiences I have had with the best products in the wellness industry. I miss touching products all day long in the store, but I've noticed I keep reaching for my timeless faves at home. 


I have been lucky enough to get to know the inside of natural product companies, how they work, the impact they make on the planet and their people, and their efficacy. See, in my opinion, if a company is not focused on climate impact, what the hell are they doing? I love products that have four major elements: traditional wisdom preservation, sustainability, efficacious, and convenience. 


This is my first edit that I have ever produced, and I look forward to informing and educating you all on the products that I love, but also the 'why' behind my curation.


So, here are my faves for May. 

Anima Mundi Liver Vitality Greens: With Spring in full swing, taking care of your liver is a must for reducing potential allergies, and getting those trace minerals that not only keep our liver healthy but also keeping our digestive system regular. I love this in smoothies and juices for daily support. Perfect for skin clearing support! $34

PYM Mood Magnesium: I love this company and the focus on mental health. With Magnesium Glycinate, L-Threonate and Malate, plus amino acids including Vitamin B6 and L-Theanine, this Yuzu flavored powder is a fantastic drink for daily stress, or a fabulous alcohol-free night cap for restful sleep. I love adding this in mocktails for sleepy time drinks for kids! $49.99


ilike Nettle Exfoliating Wash: I have been using this face wash since 2009. ilike is a company based in Hungary that uses herbs in all of its very active face care formulas. This is one of the most active and organic face washes for people who experience breakouts and oily skin. I love all of their products. A bottle lasts 6 months, and I would not go without this anytime, anywhere. $78

Oshala Farms Calendula Flowers: By far, Oshala grows the most beautiful calendula I have ever seen. Calendula is one of their most popular herbs, so you have to be ready to order it when it comes into season. Calendula is fabulous in healing cuts and wounds externally, reducing scarring, and internally it's magic for lymph congestion. 4 ounces of calendula flowers is about $32, depending on the yield of the season.  

Cheekbone Beauty Earrings: This company is Indigenous-owned, and has a huge line of make-up products. I love these limited-edition earrings for a spring time color splash (I'm usually a monotone gal), but dig these easy to wear summer time earrings. $30

Fat and the Moon Lit: My favorite bronzer thus far! I have very light skin, so this product gives a little bronzer for me, for darker-hued folks, this could easily be a highlighter. I love all of Fat and the Moon's products, mission, and small batch ethos. $22

Nomad Botanicals Tension Meltaway: Working from home full-time has done a number on my shoulders and hips (I'm learning to get up and move my body more!). This phenomenal essential oil blend from a women-owned company, works wonders and doesn't smell like you just spread a menthol pharmacy on your body (i.e. tiger balm). I have put it on injuries which have benefited from its anti-inflammatory actions. Love the amethyst roller; great touch! Perfect for travel. $24

Patagonia Mini Hip Pack: If you don't love Patagonia, you don't love puppies. This "fanny pack" is essential for anyone who likes to hike, or as a cross body bag. I love keeping tinctures and essential oils in my pack while I'm hiking or traveling. $35

Mad Hippie Cheek and Lip Tint:  I love that Mad Hippie came out with makeup! This brand is a favorite in our house, with the right price point, cleanliness, and active ingredients for teenagers and again adults. I am getting this for my almost 11-year-old who is venturing into wanting to play with make up - and I'll probably be borrowing it from her. :) $22


Farmacopia Allergy Alert:  I have this tincture at my desk at this time of the year. With the anti-histamine rich + immune supporting herbs, this formula is a perfect addition to eating less sugar and drinking water during allergy season. $24


Traditional Medicinals Nettle Tea: The iconic anti-histamine herb, Nettles, in tea bag form! Easy-to-pack on the go nettle tea for those allergies that hit all day long. I recommend using 3 tea bags at a time to get the heaviest hitting tea for allergies and excessive water retention. $5.99


I hope your May is full of community, gardens, and hope. 

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