It's the end of the year... but just the beginning of Verse šŸŒ±

It's the end of the year... but just the beginning of Verse šŸŒ±

Happy New Year, Plant Lovers!

As this year comes to an end and a new one begins, the desireĀ to connect to one's passion + purpose is contagious.

The way humans seeks out pursuit of purpose is a unique piece to our collective experience. And, the pandemic has created such a macrocosmic shift to our predictable futures, the search for purpose is even more pronounced and palpable.

To some, founding a new start-up in this time of change seems too challenging. For me, it has been the perfect next step.Ā 

I'm one of the lucky ones to find my passion of herbal medicine very early in my career and shifted that path appropriately at each new stage of my life. This is the time for change and our world needs more people following their purposeful passions more than ever. It's clear that purposeful careers create happiness for people, and happier people are whatĀ everyoneĀ needs.Ā 

If your path has lead you to diving deep into herbal medicine products, building a stronger connection to your ancestral healing lineage, or creating a healthier home for your family, I hope that we can connect this year through the love of wellness education.

We're currently gearing up for our February 2023 cohorts, sending out boxes of products & supplies for the year, and we cannot wait to see our new students arrive in their online classrooms.

It's possible that 2023 may be just as tumultuous and unknown as the last few of years, but what I do know is community makes our hearts grow bigger, allowing more space to hold it all.

Sending you all the hugs for an passionate purposeful New Year,Ā 


Laura Ash

CEO & Founder

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