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Explore the Healing Power of Hawthorn: A Comprehensive Monograph

Dive into the world of herbal medicine with our meticulously crafted Hawthorn Monograph, expertly curated by Verse Clinical Herbalist, Monique Hartley-Smith.

This digital download offers an in-depth exploration of the therapeutic benefits, uses, and history of Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata), a revered plant known for its cardiovascular and overall health-promoting properties.

What's Inside:

  • Botanical Insights: Discover the botanical profile of Hawthorn, including its species variations and habitat.
  • Therapeutic Uses: Explore how Hawthorn supports heart health, circulation, and overall well-being through its unique phytochemical composition.
  • Clinical Applications: Learn evidence-based approaches and traditional wisdom on integrating Hawthorn into holistic health practices.
  • Practical Guidance: Access dosage recommendations, preparation methods for teas, tinctures, and extracts, and considerations for safe and effective use.

Who Should Download:

  • Herbal enthusiasts seeking reliable information on Hawthorn's medicinal benefits.
  • Healthcare professionals looking to expand their knowledge of herbal remedies.
  • Students and practitioners of natural medicine interested in integrating Hawthorn into their practice.

Why Choose Our Monograph: Authored by a skilled writer & clinical herbalist, this monograph combines scientific research with a passion for natural healing. Whether you're starting out or seasoned in herbal wellness, this digital resource empowers you to harness Hawthorn's profound healing potential.

Get Your Copy Today: Embrace the natural goodness of Hawthorn—download our essential monograph now to elevate your herbal practice. It's time to nurture your well-being with nature's gentle strength and embrace a holistic approach to health.

Written by Verse Clinical Herbalist Monique Hartley-Smith: 

Monique came to work with plants through her own chronic health journey. After trying many things to help her on her healing path, and not seeing results from harsh methods with both allopathic and alternative practitioners, she realised the answers she was looking for were in nature.

Monique found harmony and wellbeing in learning about the intelligence of plants through the practice and study of herbal medicine. Her work is based on the foundation of plants themselves; the more you nourish the soil, the stronger and more resilient a plant becomes. Monique has shifted her health, slowly and steadily, into finding homeostasis - the experience of balance. Since Monique has started on her healing path, she has nourished her love of plants, nature, and animals to find a healing path she did not find before. 

Monique now shares her wisdom of lived experience as well as being a certified herbalist to support others (humans, and animals) to come into harmony with their whole being. Whether it is an overwhelmed nervous system, chronic pain or fatigue, or perhaps knowing that things are out of balance, Monique has a gentle and thorough approach to support you to feel in harmony and homeostasis with your body and healing journey.

To work with Monique, you can email her here.