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Community Herbalist Certification - Verse

In the Community Herbalist Year you will learn to turn spice rack ingredients, neighborhood weeds, and commonly found market herbs into potent herbal medicines.

This 100-hour live online program focuses on understanding and supporting common ailments, personal ancestry, and how herbalism can seamlessly empower your daily life.

Through monthly medicine making classes in your home kitchen laboratory you gain confidence in basic preparations to apply herbs with clarity. In out of class community cohorts supervised by clinical herbalists, you are supported to complete homework assignments, stay engaged with the fellow classmates, and the practice of folk herbalism outside of your 100+ educational hours.

With an emphasis on your personal ancestry, you will dive into a self study of herbal medicines of your lineage and learn to make one traditional herbal preparation.

This course is truly for every human seeking to uplift the health and wellness of your friends, family and self.

All online classes are live held on Zoom.

Apprentice Herbalist Certification - Verse

Apprentice Herbalist Year is the foundation of your clinical practice. This 250-hour live online course is a comprehensive base for a clinically minded approach to herbal medicine.

You will learn basic anatomy and physiology, energetics, aromatherapy, intermediate medicine making, plants spirit medicine practices and a cross cultural look at medicine systems that comprise North American Medicine.

The course is experiential with monthly plant meditations and medicine making class in your home kitchen laboratory, allowing you to develop your direct sensory relationship to herbal medicine. With extensive research and medicine making projects, you will engage with out of class community cohorts supervised by clinical herbalists, to complete 40+ herbal monographs, and the practice of clinical herbalism.

You will leave skilled in holistically identifying common pathologies from a cross cultural perspective, building basic herbal medicine formulas, intermediate medicine making, and plant spirit cleansing techniques.

All online classes are live held on Zoom

Clinical Herbalist Certification - Verse

In Clinical Herbalist Year you will build your therapeutic skills to step into clinical practice.This 200-hour live online course empowers your foundational understanding of herbalism with diagnostic skills, a rigorous investigation of pathology, advanced medicine making, and constitutional theory.

You will learn how to sit in a session with clients and utilize your diagnostic skill sets to custom blend herbal medicine formulas. With extensive case study research and advanced herbal formulations, you will engage with out of class community cohorts supervised by clinical herbalists to support you in the practice of clinical herbalism, complete 40+ herbal monographs, and to stay engaged with the fellow classmates.

We prepare our students with business classes for you to depart into the entrepreneurial wellness world with clarity. You will leave as a Clinical Herbalist, ready to sit in a session with clients, create lifestyle strategies, utilize tongue and facial diagnosis, and build custom formulas with precision. Find grounded confidence to embark into professional practice as a clinical herbalist.

All online classes are live held on Zoom


Which Herbal Program is right for me?

American Herbalists Guild's Associate Herbalist

Proud Member of the
American Herbalist Guild

Our certification hours are eligible to be applied towards the American Herbalist Guild's Associate Herbalist and Registered Herbalists memberships.

Verse School of Herbal Medicine

Bringing the cool to herbal medicine.

Online Herbal Medicine Course - All Levels Welcome

Everyone has an ancestor that practiced herbal medicine for the health of their family and village.

Herbal medicine is the use of plants for healing, which may include food, teas, tinctures (plant extracts), essential oils, body care, and supplements.

Herbal medicine is used all over the globe, and different communities have their own language to explain how herbal medicine aids in healing the body to guide it back to balance.

Verse Herbal Medicine School uses evidence-based knowledge to back up the historical use of herbal medicine. Herbal medicine has empirical evidence for increased healing in integrative therapies, and is prolific at helping people increase their quality of life. There is no doubt that herbal medicine is booming in modern culture through functional foods, teas, clean beauty, nevertheless, there is still so much work to be done in order for people to have experiences with herbal remedies that can have a positive impact on their health.

Verse is determined to be a bridge for those that have not imagined themselves in healing spaces by unveiling data-driven education, urban flair, and inclusive and diverse teachers.

Verse is bringing the cool to herbal medicine. Our Community Herbalist Certification is an important step into understanding how to take care of your own health. This 100-hour course is built to support your journey into understanding the world of North American Herbal Medicine and all that it has to offer for your own journey into deepening your experience of wellbeing.

Our Apprentice Herbalist Certification allows a student to enter a year of more serious herbal medicine study, focusing on phytotherapy and guidance with their teachers to grow into a potential practitioner or maker.

Our Clinical Herbalist Certification is focused on clinical case studies, seeing clients with teacher mentors, building a business as a future practitioner or maker, and launching that brand at the end of the year.

Is the School of Herbal Medicine right for me?

Have you noticed a constant curiosity about medicinal herbs? Or perhaps it’s a calling to sit with your community to support them as they recover from illness?

Whether you are curious, passionate, or ready for a change of career into the world of herbal medicine, Verse's Herbalist Certification program can guide you into becoming a Community Herbalist (year 1), Apprentice Herbalist (year 2), and a Clinical Herbalist (year 3).

Each of these herbalist certifications is a stepping stone to becoming a practitioner of herbal medicine. Often, we witness students finishing their 100-hour Community Herbalist Certification and feel satisfied with their wisdom gained to support themselves and their immediate family. Other times, students are eager and dive into the Apprentice and Clinical Herbalist years of deep study, fulfilling their dreams of becoming a clinical herbalist with a private practice, a product line, or shifting a career into the herbal medicine industry.

An herbalist certification is a powerful tool to enhance your quality of life, your current healing arts practice, give meaning and purpose to your passion, while you're gaining knowledge and experience to be a healing resource for all of your community.

Community Herbalist Certification - Verse

What's included in the School of Herbal Medicine?


Each class is available as a video replay to rewatch as many times as you'd like. So, when you register for VERSE class, you never have to worry about missing a moment of learning.


Exclusive classes and workshops created by Registered Herbalists, Holistic Practitioners, Professional Divination Readers, Working Artists, and Sacred Space Holders.


We understand life happens and you might need some time to get through our rich learning content. That's why you have 6 months access to class materials to review at your leisure.


Build your Home Apothecary

We provide herbs and supplies that you need to make medicine for the entire program.

  • Organic herbs from North American herb farms
  • Pranarom essential oils
  • Vegetable oils for skincare
  • Beeswax
  • Organic alcohol
  • Jars
  • Labels
  • Tea ball for herbal home brewing
  • School of Traditional Healing Arts tote bag
  • Herbal Workbook

What are the Course Outcomes?

The completion of each year of herbalist training will advance you further to becoming a skilled practitioner, offering supportive guidance in natural health and self-care tools for yourself and your community.
- You will be able to create advanced herbal to build your personal apothecary and craft custom herbal remedies for clients.
- As a Clinical Herbalist you will have the ability to utilize pulse and tongue diagnosis when working with clients, creating a stronger foundation of understanding western and eastern energetics.

 - You will walk away from each year with a deeper understanding of your own ancestral healing, diving into your lineage of traditional medicine.

 - With business guidance infused throughout each year, you should finish your herbalist certification with knowledge to support your dreams.

Community Herbalist Certification - Verse


We've Got You!

Community Herbalist Workshop with laura Ash

Free Recording

Community Herbalist Workshop with Laura Ash

Meet Laura Ash, Clinical Herbalist for 16 years, owner of Scarlet Sage, and founder of Verse. In this workshop, we will get a chance to talk about 5 herbs to support building immunity, cold and flu season, and discuss what is most important to the community as we shift seasons. 


Free Recording

Community Herbalist Workshop with Kelsey Barrett

Meet Kelsey Barrett, director of the Verse School of Herbal Medicine.
Kelsey will explore the herbal wisdom and practices of the community herbalist.
We will also get a chance to talk about 5 key herbs to support building immunity through cold and flu season.


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Community Herbalist Certification - Verse


Become a Community Herbalist

How to join the Certification?

Our 2023 Herbalist Certification is now sold out. Join our Waitlist for 2024!

Have you already laid the groundwork for your adventures in the world of herbalism and want to go deeper?

Please check our Apprentice and Clinical Herbalist Years.

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