Explore the ancient wisdom of plants.

Our 6-week live, online
Plant Spirit Medicine Certification  
is crafted to reclaim sacred herbal practices.

Starting Sept 20th

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Our Online Course

What is the Plant Spirit
Medicine Certification?

This weekly online plant spirit program empowers you to learn about:

○ sacred herbal practices
○ connection with the natural world
○ spiritual and ritual potential of plants

Over the course of 6 weeks, you'll explore the potential for inner and collective spiritual healing through deep study and personal exploration of plants, flowers, trees, and yourself.


Program Overview

Plant Spirit Medicine Certification with Francisca Santibanez - Fall 2023


Students love that our classes are live and online because that means it's more interactive! Class is also recorded so you never have to worry about missing a moment of learning.

Plant Spirit Medicine Certification with Francisca Santibanez - Fall 2023


This program is a great chance to learn more deeply and directly with one of your favorite expert teachers in our larger Herbalism Certifications, but in a small group program setting.

Plant Spirit Medicine Certification with Francisca Santibanez - Fall 2023


Live classes meet on Wednesday evenings at 5:30-8:30PM PT starting September 20th through October 26th. Keep scrolling to see exact class dates.

Who Teaches the Plant Spirit Certification?

Francisca Santibanez - Teacher for Plant Spirit Medicine Certification

Francisca Santibanez

Herbalist, Ritualist, & Plant Devotee
Founder of Plant Spirit Talk

"Welcome, Beautiful Soul! My name is Francisca and I’m honored to offer you guidance, reflection, and support in your journey of healing. The gift of your existence and your deep longing for your personal and collective wellness is medicine for us all.

I was raised in South America and born in Brasil. I spent my childhood there and in Chile, before moving to the United States as a pre-teen. Later in life I returned to study traditional Amazonian plant medicine in the jungles of Peru, with teachers of Mestizo, Quechua, and Shipibo Conibo lineage.

My interest for being in intimate connection with Plants began before I could speak as an infant. In fact, these are my earliest childhood memories: intrigued and fascinated by the vibrancy of the flowers, their textures and smells.

As I grew, so did my love for all the Plants. I formalized my studies of Herbal Medicine through the Western Clinical Herbalism program at the Berkeley Herbal Center and through my studies under Maestra Amelia Panduro de Sinuiri of Pucallpa, Peru.

I currently also offer Wellness Consultations, Plant Spirit Initiations, and Whole Soul guidance through my private practice, currently out of Pomo and Miwok territory also known as Sebastopol, California."

Reconnect with your beloved plant kin.

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What will I learn in the program?

This 6-Week Plant Spirit Medicine Course acts as a bridge + ritualized introduction through a personal self exploration journey into Plant Spirit Medicine Work.

Francisca has crafted it as an initiation to her year-long Life as Medicine Way program that starts each February and runs through Oct. This 6-week course with Verse allows you to continue in a deeper way with Plant Spirit Medicine before deciding it you'd like to commit to a year long program.

We've found these micro-courses are so deeply supportive to students, especially with such transformative teachings.

*We've set a limited number of spaces in order to maintain an intimate container.

Take a journey into the dynamic, intimate, and wise world of Plant Spirit Medicine. Each participant will choose a single plant to work deeply with over the course of 6 weeks.

Instructed by the Amazonian Vegetalista practice of plant “dietas”, you'll be introduced and guided through initiation as a medicine apprentice and carrier with a plant embodied teacher.

Topics include:

    • Intro Andean Amazonian Cosmovision & Vegetalismo 
    • Medicine Preparations
    • Creating Ceremony
    • Elements of Practice
    • Cleansing & Detoxing
    • Dream Work
    • Mesa Altar Work
    • Journeying with Plants
    • ‘Florecimiento’ or Soul Blossoming 
    • Cord Cutting & Boundaries
    • Reconnecting to Roots
    • Retrieving & Remembering
    • Sacred Reciprocity
    • Becoming the Medicine
    • Planting New Seeds
    • Integration

How much is the Plant Spirit Medicine Certification?

Payment Plan Options - Plant Spirit Medicine Certification Program
Pay in Full Discount - Plant Spirit Medicine Certification Program

Student Testimonials

Plant Spirit Medicine Certification Program and Verse Testimonials

"I was really surprised by how much of a community you have managed to foster within the online learning space, with how the classes are run, the cohorts, and the connection within slack.

It was something I hadn't expected at all but have loved and benefited from so much."

- Community Herbalist, 2022

Plant Spirit Medicine Certification Program and Verse Testimonials

“My experience has been truly immersive during class time and

because it’s “live” I feel like
I’m able to ask questions or comment as I would in a classroom setting.”

- Community Herbalist, 2022

Plant Spirit Medicine Certification Program and Verse Testimonials

The school is probably the most organized school I have ever been [to]

The slack, the teachers, the connection that grows over the screen is made with the talent behind Verse. I think the way its orchestrated is superb!"

- Apprentice Herbalist, 2022

Plant Spirit Medicine Certification Program and Verse Testimonials

“The program is all live and online, which means that you're there in real time with the teachers and the other students.

This really serves to build a sense of cohesiveness and a sense of community amongst the students and the teachers."

- Clinical Herbalist, 2022

Want to experience a class before enrolling in the program?

Check out these workshops with Francisca.

Program Overview

Plant Spirit Medicine Certification with Francisca Santibanez - Fall 2023


We understand life happens and you might need some time to get through our rich learning content. That's why you have 1 year of access to all class materials to review at your leisure.

Holistic Nutrition 12 Week Course with Yvonne Matthews and Verse Program Overview


Your classes go beyond a Zoom screen with a robust online community through Thinkific + Slack that you can post in anytime so that you can check in with your classmates on a deeper level.

Fall 2023 Program Dates

Part I

Plant Spirit Medicine Certification with Francisca Santibanez - Fall 2023

September 20
5:30 - 8:30PM PT
Intro & Preparation

September 27
5:30 - 8:30PM PT

October 4
5:30 - 8:30PM PT

Part II

Plant Spirit Medicine Certification with Francisca Santibanez - Fall 2023

October 11
5:30 - 8:30PM PT

October 18
5:30 - 8:30PM PT
Soul Blossoming

October 25
5:30 - 8:30PM PT

Dive deep into inner work including plant embodiment, dream work, cultivating healthy boundaries, soul retrieval, ancestal connection, and more.

Sold out for Fall 2023
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