Video Recording: Meal Planning & Nourishment for Menstrual Cycles Workshop with Yvonne Matthews

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The menstrual cycle is vital to understand on an individual level and is an essential marker of our hormone levels and overall health. During each cycle, we go through four phases: bleeding, follicular, ovulation, and luteal. Most of us have not been educated to track these four phases and how they affect us in profound ways, from mood, to energy, to shifting nutritional needs. 

We are now learning the importance of having what health practitioners call an “inner hormone GPS.”  Attuning to these phases, and learning their signs and symptoms, can give us vital information about the different self-care, lifestyle, and nutritional needs we need to support a healthy menstrual cycle. We can also let go of all the myths we’ve been told about how having pain, cramps, and a host of other difficult symptoms is just a “normal” part of having a period.

In this on-demand workshop, participants will learn how to use specific foods and herbs as medicine and nourishment to support each phase, and prepare for it with ease through meal planning and preparation.

 In this class you will:

  • Learn all about your menstrual cycle, hormones and the four phases (bleeding, follicular, ovulation, and luteal).
  • Understand your cycle and what the signals and symptoms are telling you about your own health and nutritional needs.
  • Discuss different types of supportive diets and how macronutrients can support each cyclical phase, its hormonal balance, and how to build your own meals and plate.
  • Learn how to meal-plan and prep with ease and confidence, including a printable handout you can use over and over.
  • Join Yvonne in the kitchen to make one recipe. Together we’ll make a vegan lentil bowl tailored for estrogen balance during the luteal phase – with additional options provided for all who have different nutritional needs or food restrictions.


This is a video recording of a previous live class.

How to access the Video Recording: You will receive a link upon registration to access the video recording and class materials through our online secure learning platform, Thinkific.